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ClearWater Design Kawartha

Lenght 16"                         Material- Polyethylene
Width 34"                           Instock Colours- Blue
Weight 69lbs                     Options- Webbed seats, wood thwart & dished yoke
Capacity 750lbs                Our Price    $999.00 
Timber's Outfitters
76101 Kippen Rd RR#4
Seaforth, Ontario
(519) 522-CAMP
Sale price $899.00
Special Trim Package
-Ash gunwales, end decks and carry handles
-Ash seats, yoke and thawart
H2O 16'4" Prospector

Length   16'4"
Width    35"
Rocker    2.5"
Material - Standard Kevalr
Options - Light weight Alum Gunwales
               -Ash interior, deepdish yoke

H2O Canadian 16'6

Length    16'6"
Width      35"
Rocker     1"
Material - FiberLight
Options - Lightweight aluminum gunwales
               - Ash interior with deep dish yoke

The 16-6 is a close replica of an early settler canoe, originally discovered in south western ontario in the early 1900's.  H2O's design embodies the finest characteristics of this craft with H2O's own modern refinements..... the results, this may just be the ultimate Canadian canoe.  H2O's Canadian 16/6 is a stable, well mannered and predictable craft, which successfully blends efficency and a user friendly nature, while retaining a destinctly tradtional "Canadian Canoe appearance".
H2O 16' Adventurer

Length   16'
Width      36"
Rocker    1.5"
Material - Standard Kevlar
Options - Light weight alum gunwales
               - Cherry interior,deepdish yoke
H2O Cottager 16

Length   16'
Width      35"
Material - Fiberglass
Options - Alum Gunwales
               - Ash interior
               - Deepdish yoke